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Questions are usually asked when putting a business online. Questions such as: What part of my business can go online? Who updates the contents of the website? Do I or does my business need to employ additional staff to maintain (add and update content on) the website? Can or will all needs initially be represented online? What if I have something to add to the website that was not provided for by the developer? Do I need to have a project budget in mind before calling a web developer? What is the Return-on-Investment for the website? These are some typical questions that are asked by clients of web developers.This article will attempt to address these questions.It is worth mentioning that websites should provide positive publicity for the individual or business. Having said this, we shall go on to answer the questions above in the order by which they were asked below:What part of my business can go online?
Your website should contain, as already mentioned above, positive publicity for you or your business. Putting electronically administrative processes can be added as a value-added service. However, very sensitive information about the individual or business need not be on the website.

Who updates the content of the website?
This question shall be answered together with the next, Do I or does my business need to employ additional staff to maintain (add and update content on) the website?The answer here depends on you, the individual or the business. Additionally, the website should be built to allow for real-time updating by the owners or staff of the owners on the website. This invariably means that the developer does not need to be contacted every time the website needs to be updated. A custom application should be built by the developer to support updating content on the website. However, real-time updating can be a tedious task, especially in large businesses where regular and updated content on the website is vital to her success. In such businesses and in others that can afford the additional staff, employing one is necessary.Can or will all needs be initially represented online?
It is hardly possible that all needs can or will initially be represented online. This is because business processes change, and so do standards. Developers however try to anticipate these changes and provide for them. In a rapidly-changing world, developers typically seek out-of-the-box ways to electronically provide for these changes so that the individual or business can continue to reap benefits of going online.This brings us to our next question:What if I have something to add to the website that was not provided for by the developer?
If the need arises to add something to the website that was not provided for by the developer, you contact the developer to do that for you. It can be seen as servicing, in some other professions. The developer should seek to address the issue, as well as anticipate and provide for others of that nature that might come up.Do I need to have a project budget in mind before calling a web developer?
Yes, you need to have a project budget (estimate) before calling. Do not however wildly guess. You can inquire from people who have websites, or from the developer (usually, quotes are provided as a free service on developer’s website). This is important as the estimate helps the developer come to a quick judgment as to the nature and technologies that may be employed to complete the project.

What is the Return-on-Investment for the website?
Every business seeks profit for every expense made. Your website should, in the very least, provide publicity for you or your business. This publicity, as you will agree with me, is crucial to the success of your business. Additionally, your website can be a good way to advertise your products and services to the world, even without other mass media advertisements like radio and television. Websites are typically a far-reaching, globally accepted, inexpensive and rewarding medium of advertising anything at all.Conclusion
So far, this article has been able to explain some typical questions about what you need to know before asking for a website. This article has additionally sought to give individuals and businesses more reasons why they should go online. We hope we have been helpful.

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Facebook is growing to be one of the largest social networking sites in the world. With a meager bounce rate of just 20%, Facebook is a huge platform where you can make the most out of genuine users who are looking for something interesting. There is so much to keep them pre-occupied on the website that it gets easier for a business to market their work and business to the Facebook users while they are on the site.Let’s explore some amazing Facebook marketing tips that can help you capture a broad audience that uses Facebook almost every day.1) Capture Your Target audienceTarget audience is the primary concern of every business online. If you do not capture the right audience, you will never be able to do business with them. Always remember that having your business marketed on Facebook involves Facebook users who have similar interests.There are many ways of capturing the right target audience and some of them include:a. Buying Facebook AdsOnce you create an ad campaign on Facebook, you will be required to create an audience based on your requirements. Set an age limit, select countries you want to target, gender, language, education, relevant category, for example: events, photography, politics, travel etc and Facebook will show your ad to the users with similar interests. On a lighter side, you can even choose a relationship status.

b. Build a Group or Create a PageCreating a group or Facebook page is as simple as anything on the site. By creating a Facebook page you can capture the most relevant users and promote your business. Similarly, you can create a Facebook group that will help you interact with your members more easily.2) Promote Your BrandOnce you have a number of followers on Facebook, it will be easier to do what you are there for, “promote your brand”. Remain genuine and bring the best out of your business to attract more target audience. Share the positive aspects of your business. Get into detail and let people know what you can do for them. Your brand can be giving more to someone than you can imagine so just get involved and start proving what your brand is to the world.3) Make Your Audience Feel ValuableIt’s a world where people love being given importance and the more value you give to your potential customers, the more they will worship your brand. The simplest way is to keep experimenting and coming to a point where you know what your customers like the most, once you reach that level where your audience’s interests match your business strategies, you have almost succeeded.4) Use Facebook Features Like Sharing Photos And Attractive Facebook CoversFacebook allows business pages and groups to share photos, videos, links and a lot more with their users. Make the most out of that. Always remember to use the most relevant and targeted images, videos and links while using the photo/video sharing feature, otherwise your users will not be very convinced. Facebook cover photos are an excellent way to highlight your business and promote your brand. When a user visits your Facebook page, your Facebook timeline cover photo is the first thing they observe, why not make the most out of that space? Cover that space up with a photo that defines your brand, use that space to share your latest offers, deals or give them an idea of what they can find in your page. You can always use funny covers or covers with quotes, that way it is most likely that other users will share your cover photo with their friends, thus giving you another chance to gain more followers of your business.

5) Do Not SpamAs quickly as users Like a page, they can Unlike it too. So, never misuse your Facebook page. Post 2-3 times a day at the maximum, do not start spamming your users home page with things they do not want to see. Create engaging posts and share posts that your users like the most.6) Track your ProgressMaintaining a business on Facebook is not a cup of tea and like any other business it has its rules too. Make sure you take notes, observe user engagement and keep up with their activities, this way it will be easier to find out what you are looking for once the time comes.